SoTL research

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

You are probably not surprised to hear that the primary research focus in the Close Relationships lab at LMU is on the Psychology of Close Relationships.  However we also dabble a bit in research on teaching and learning processes. As a research laboratory housed in a liberal arts university we are interested in using our research skills to better understand various facets of education.   Thus, we occasionally take on projects related to the scholarship of teaching and learning.  For example, we conducted a study investigating the effectiveness of lecture capture technology in a university psychology class.  The goal of this work was to determine whether classroom capture technology yielded improvements in learning. Additionally, in response to the increased demand for undergraduate students to achieve data acumen we have worked on a project designed to identify learning outcomes representing data proficiency.  In this NSF funded interdisciplinary investigation 13 learning outcomes were identified that represent achievement of undergraduate data science proficiency for university-level students across different disciplines.  Finally, we are currently working on a study investigating the association between self-esteem, implicit theories of intelligence, academic self-efficacy and students’ academic cognitions, behaviors, and performance in a cohort of university honors students.